Let`s go Cologne!

Information for young people coming from sister cities of Cologne

Finally independent. Finally out of school or university. Finally life can start.

But what and where? To learn to be on your own. To get to know new people. To have fun.
And also think about life, search for orientation. And do something that makes sense.
What are my talents? How can I contribute? This is maybe something for you:

An option for young people: international volunteering

Our intention is that young people commit themselves to doing something for the common good by carrying out full-time voluntary work in social, cultural, ecological or sports associations and organisations in Cologne.

The international voluntary service in Cologne lasts for one year and normally starts in September each year.

The Cologne Volunteer Center is a local coordinating organisation and we coordinate several hosting projects in Köln/Germany. Next starting date is September 2018. If you are interested in a 12-month-service, have good German knowledge and are under the age of 30, please fill the application form in German language and send your application between November 2017 and March 2018 to us. Please do not send us an application if you do not speak German.

Our partner organisations come from cities that are twinned with Cologne: Barcelona (Spain), Cluj-Napoca (Rumänien), Cork (Ireland), Istanbul (Turkey), Lille (France), Liverpool (Great Britain), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Thessaloniki (Greece), Torino (Italy) and Wolgograd (Russia). We prefers applications from applicants who come from one of these cities.

The International Voluntary Service is being sponsored by the European Union (Erasmus+, European Voluntary Service), The City Council of Cologne, Annemarie-und-Helmut-Börner-Foundation and private sponsors.

available places for volunteering in Cologne

Ulla Eberhard

Ulla Eberhard

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