Welcome to Cologne Vounteer Centre

Our Vision

Our vision is a citizen society characterised by people who actively shape public life in their city and enrich it. We have made it our mission to promote this.

Our Philosophy

The Cologne Volunteer Centre was founded in 1997 by active citizens of Cologne. Today, we are an important placement and development agency for civic engagement in the city.

The voluntary work carried out by active citizens is charitable and unpaid, has a real sense of purpose and builds social capital. It creates values that cannot be measured exclusively based on the rules of the classic economy.

We are open to all motives, areas of activity and forms of civic engagement, as long as they observe human dignity and democratic principles. Our engagement is non-denominational and politically neutral.

Our purpose

We speak to citizens of Cologne from all age groups and social classes in order to attract them to civic engagement. This engagement should be increasing, as it is a special form of social participation that has a positive influence on city life in many ways.

Would you like to get involved too? We will now give you a short overview of how you can participate.


Would you like to volunteer for a few hours a week for example in a bicycle shop, an senior citizens home, a youth centre or in a cultural activity? Then please come along to our volunteer advice service and we will find out together which activity will suit you and be enjoyable! This advice can also be given in English. However, some basic knowledge of German is an advantage for a successful placement – there are not always people in the establishments who speak English.

Contact the Advice Team at 0221 888 278 0 or email beratung@koeln-freiwillig.de.


You are new in Cologne? You came here as a refugee or migrant? You want to get to know some local people and improve your German by talking to native speakers?

Then this project is the right one for you!

The WelcomeWalk connects you to citizens of Cologne. The idea is very simple: within 6 weeks, you meet up 3 times for 3 hours and just something fun together!

For more info and to register contact Susanne Hauke, phone: 0221 – 888278-14, e-mail: mentoren@koeln-freiwillig.de.

Voluntary Service

A voluntary service is a very intensive form of engagement that lasts for at least 6 months and involves at least 21 hours of work per week. You will be accompanied intensively, take part in seminars and receive an allowance. We have a variety of voluntary service programmes:

The voluntary service for refugees who now live in Cologne or the surrounding area

These programmes are a good opportunity to improve your German and take a look at the working life of a charitable organisation. For more information, contact Corinna Schülerat 0221 888 278 22 or email corinna.schueler@koeln-freiwillig.de.

The international voluntary service – for young people from Cologne’s twin cities who would like to come to Cologne to carry out voluntary service. More info at http://www.koeln-freiwillig.de/international-volunteers/.